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For textile solutions, turn to Applied Lab. Our team of experts will go beyond the standard test protocol.

Your Partner as you Navigate the World of Textiles

Applied Lab offers testing and consultation services to cover all your textile needs. Going above and beyond for our customers to ensure complete textile success is what drives us. From developing custom tests to produce valuable data, reviewing materials failing in the field to provide alternatives and solutions, and offering over 80 tests to provide certified results to ensure peace of mind on performance. We are here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of textiles and ensure success. See our terms and conditions here.

Internationally Recognized A2LA Accredited Textile Testing

Applied Lab has been A2LA accredited (certificate 3193.01) since 2011. A2LA is a nonprofit, non-governmental, public service, membership society that provides comprehensive services in laboratory accreditation and laboratory-related training. Laboratory accreditation is based on internationally accepted criteria for competence (ISO/IEC 17025). Our A2LA accreditation is highly regarded globally and allows us to provide certified, third-party testing results to you for all test standards outlined in our scope. Our consistency is assured through the use of published test procedures by widely recognized testing agencies such as:

•American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM)
•American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorists (AATCC)
•National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)
•International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)
•Chemical Fabrics and Films Association (CFFA)
•Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)
•Numerous Local, State and National Standards

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