Request A Test / Submit A Sample

Ready to send in samples for testing? Find all the steps for requesting a test with Applied Lab.

Requesting A Test

Once you’ve determined the test you’d like and the required yardage, simply send the material to Applied Lab with a testing submittal form for each pattern being tested.

Applied Lab
553 76Th ST SW
Byron Center, MI 49315

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding submitting samples for testing. The testing submittal form can be downloaded below.

Test Submission Checklist

Please reference the following checklist when submitting samples for testing.

Fabric Sample Requirements:

• Testing Submittal form for each pattern being tested.
• Sample / Pattern Name clearly labelled.
• Indicate face of the fabric by writing “FACE” on the side of the fabric.
• Indicate the warp direction with an arrow on the face.

Important Information needed on the request form:

• Ensure Client Information, Sample Information and correct tests being requested are included.
• Martindale or Wyzenbeek Testing – Maximum number of cycles must be specified.
• Colorfastness to Light – Maximum number of hours to be tested must be specified.
• End Use – Please identify end use of the product.

Common Forms Required for Testing

Applied Lab Textile Testing Submittal Form
F7100C- Textile Testing Test Submittal or click here to fill out the form online

This form is required to request testing.

IMO Submittal Form
F7100D IMO Submittal Form

This form is required to request IMO testing.

Developmental Testing Submittal Form

This form is required to request developmental testing.

Name Change Request Form
Name Change Request Form

This form is required to request a change to the information on previously issued certificates and test results.

Credit Card Authorization Form
Credit Card Authorization

This form is the quickest method of payment for testing.

Business Credit Application
Business Credit Application

This form is to establish terms with Applied Lab for on-going testing.

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