Custom Test Development

Applied Lab offers testing customized to the specific textile and application, to target the results and data most valuable to you.

Why Custom Test Development?

When looking to understand very specific information about a textile and it’s end use, a customized test can be highly beneficial to gaining the needed data. Our experts will work with you to customize tests to provide the exact, targeted information you are looking for. With Applied Lab’s Custom Test Development you can be confident the results and data you receive is the exact information you require.

Custom Test Development Specifics

Contact Applied Lab today for information on Custom Test Development and to find out how we can assist with your specific testing needs.

Required Information for Custom Test Development:

• Fabric type
• Fabric construction (fiber content, existing finishes & backings)

• End application / environment
• Level of performance desired
• Major concerns for fabric / area of improvement desired

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Custom Test Development Request

  • Indicate % of each fiber type; example: 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton
  • Where will the fabric be installed?