Solution Development and Consultation

Applied Lab offers consultation services and solution development to assist with product failure analysis, creating custom tests, developing performance specifications and more.

Fabric Solutions

We now offer consultation services and solution development through Applied Lab. This may mean creating a custom test, helping to develop performance specifications or even assisting in product failure analysis. If an item fails – whether in testing or in the field – we can tell you why it failed as well as offer solutions for improvement.

Solution Develop and Consultation Details

Custom Tests

When a textile has requirements based on the end application or specific concern, Applied Lab can develop and perform custom tests to provide the necessary data to establish solutions.

Performance Specifications

Depending on the type of fabrics and applications being used, different performance requirements may apply. Applied Lab combines industry knowledge with accredited lab testing to establish recommended and replicable performance specifications.

Product Failure Analysis

Many factors can impact a fabric and cause it to fail after installation. Understanding why a material is failing can help mitigate the risk for existing product and drive innovation in new products. Applied Lab offers field failure analysis to determine the root cause of failure either in the field or fabrics in testing/development.


Whether you are assessing a product’s suitability to industry standards, have questions on how to improve a fabric’s performance, looking to understand test results or obtain insight into what tests are needed – Applied Lab offers consultation services to assist with all of your textile needs!

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